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"Principle of Operation of the Fluoride ISE.

In the case of the F ISE, the ion-selective membrane is a single crystal of Lanthanum Fluoride (LaF3) doped with Europium Fluoride (EuF2) which produces holes in the crystal lattice through which F ions can pass. When immersed in a fluoride solution and connected via a voltmeter to an AgCl/KCl external reference electrode immersed in the same solution, the negative F ions in the solution pass through the crystal membrane by normal diffusion from high concentration to low concentration until there is an equilibrium between the force of diffusion and the reverse electrostatic force due to repulsion between particles of similar charge. On the other side of the membrane there is a corresponding build-up of positive ions.

The build up of negative F ions on the inside of the membrane is compensated for by Cl ions in the internal reference solution becoming neutralised by combining with the Ag/AgCl wire, and electrons are thus forced through the external wire to the voltage measuring device (ion meter or computer interface). The other terminal of the voltmeter is connected to the Ag/AgCl wire of the external reference electrode. Here, the influx of electrons causes Ag ions in the filling solution to accept electrons and deposit on the silver wire and, consequently, Cl ions to flow out into the sample solution.

Note that, in general, depending on the concentrations inside and outside the membrane and which ion is being measured, all the reactions described above could occur in the opposite direction.

nguồn: http://www.nico2000.net/datasheets/How%20ISEs%20Work.htm

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